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Aviva's First Concert: Brian Wilson!

Updated: a few mistakes were fixed - sorry to make you look again!

A few days before Thanksgiving, Robin, Alena, and I took Aviva to see Brian Wilson in concert at the Keswick Theater. It wasn't the first time Aviva went to a concert, but it was not only the first night concert, but the first concert where she actually was (very) familiar with the music. I'll restrain myself from writing multiple pages of obsessive praise for Brian Wilson - most people who've come within earshot of me during the last year have heard it already anyway. Suffice to say that our entire household has a very deep love for Brian Wilson, his band, and his music.

Well, Aviva loved it (as we all did)! She sat agape for most of the show, soaking it all in, especially her favorite, "Sloop John B". She is well versed in the entire Pet Sounds album, which was being performed for the third to the last time ever in its entirety that night.

After the show, we waited at the stage door to see who from the band we'd see. We ended up seeing everyone from the band, including Brian, who was surrounded by at least six bodyguards who wouldn't let anyone within about 12 feet of Brian. But we did see some of the members of the band go by. The best, though, was waiting until pretty much the end to see perhaps our favorite band member, Darian Sahanaja. Our love, admiration, and gratitude for Darian is probably best saved for another time as well. In any case, Robin introduced him to Aviva and asked him to sign Aviva's ticket stub, on which he wrote "Aviva, You're the Cutest!!"


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Aviva's Artwork

Of course no one knows what it really feels like to be a parent until it actually happens. But for me (Max), there haven't been a lot of surprises. That's not to say no suprises - there are definitely things that I didn't anticipate. And that's certainly not to say that the experience isn't entirely wonderful.

To me, though, one of the biggest surprises (and moreover, such a surprise that *this* is the big surprise) is this: We've all seen parents (including, hopefully, our own) admiring their child's primitive artwork with great enthusiasm - "honey, that's beautiful!" I never bought it as a child and as a pre-parent adult wondered if I'd be able to adequately feign enthusiasm if/when it'd be my turn. Well, the amazing thing is that it turns out that it really is beautiful!

But that's not the real story with these pictures. First, they're done by Aviva who's just over three. Second, more interesting to me than her age is the speed with which she has advanced. A few weeks ago, Grandpa gave her a notebook of blank drawing paper which she quickly and diligently filled, moving on to another book and more paper. Within a week or two, she went from what looked like scribbles to what you see here. There's even noticeable advances in the three days between the green paper and the purple.

Anyway, whatever you get from them, we hope you'll enjoy seeing what she's been creating lately.

This one is a drawing of Kiki (Max's brother, Richard).

And this one is Mommy and Daddy (me!)

Lastly, here's a recent painting as well.

Aviva's Painting


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Aviva's 3rd Birthday Party

Today Aviva hosted her third birthday party (though today isn't her actual birthday). She was joined by family and friends, including the girls in the pictures below: cousin Sydra (the redhead), and Hannah (our friend and neighbor). Other children included cousin Eli, baby June (who looks like she won't be a baby much longer!), and, of course, our very own Jonah-boy. Jumping, giggles, puzzles, music, storybooks, and chaos abounded!

Thanks to everybody -- near and far -- for sending Aviva your good wishes.

Fruit salad a la Kiki:

Daddy spent most of the weekend obsessing, as usual, over the Uniqua birthday cake. She's Aviva's favorite character on The Backyardigans.


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Aviva on wheels!

Thanks to Nanny and Grandpa, just weeks before her third birthday, Aviva is the proud owner of her very own bicycle, replete with training wheels and full safety regalia (Cinderella style). She happily shows off both the bike and her riding skills to anyone who will look, squealing as she rides down the sidewalk and learns to use her brakes -- loving every minute of it!


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Why you got notices sometimes when there's no update

Here's what happens: We create a new entry, letting people put comments in, and you get updated by blogarithm (if, of course, you subscribe).

From time to time, spammers (believe it or not), find blog entries and leave their own comments, hoping that you'll follow their links. So to stop this, I stop people from leaving additional comments. We love the comments, so of course we leave them open to begin with, but because of the spammers we eventually need to close them.

The problem is that when I turn off the ability to leave comments, it marks the entry as having been updated, so blogarithm sends out a notice. I'll look into changing this, but for the time being you might see a notice from time to time when nothing's been updated. Sorry.

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