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Aviva's 3rd Birthday Party


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Aviva's 3rd Birthday Party

Today Aviva hosted her third birthday party (though today isn't her actual birthday). She was joined by family and friends, including the girls in the pictures below: cousin Sydra (the redhead), and Hannah (our friend and neighbor). Other children included cousin Eli, baby June (who looks like she won't be a baby much longer!), and, of course, our very own Jonah-boy. Jumping, giggles, puzzles, music, storybooks, and chaos abounded!

Thanks to everybody -- near and far -- for sending Aviva your good wishes.

Fruit salad a la Kiki:

Daddy spent most of the weekend obsessing, as usual, over the Uniqua birthday cake. She's Aviva's favorite character on The Backyardigans.

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