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Aviva's Artwork


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Aviva's Artwork

Of course no one knows what it really feels like to be a parent until it actually happens. But for me (Max), there haven't been a lot of surprises. That's not to say no suprises - there are definitely things that I didn't anticipate. And that's certainly not to say that the experience isn't entirely wonderful.

To me, though, one of the biggest surprises (and moreover, such a surprise that *this* is the big surprise) is this: We've all seen parents (including, hopefully, our own) admiring their child's primitive artwork with great enthusiasm - "honey, that's beautiful!" I never bought it as a child and as a pre-parent adult wondered if I'd be able to adequately feign enthusiasm if/when it'd be my turn. Well, the amazing thing is that it turns out that it really is beautiful!

But that's not the real story with these pictures. First, they're done by Aviva who's just over three. Second, more interesting to me than her age is the speed with which she has advanced. A few weeks ago, Grandpa gave her a notebook of blank drawing paper which she quickly and diligently filled, moving on to another book and more paper. Within a week or two, she went from what looked like scribbles to what you see here. There's even noticeable advances in the three days between the green paper and the purple.

Anyway, whatever you get from them, we hope you'll enjoy seeing what she's been creating lately.

This one is a drawing of Kiki (Max's brother, Richard).

And this one is Mommy and Daddy (me!)

Lastly, here's a recent painting as well.

Aviva's Painting
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