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Aviva's First Concert: Brian Wilson!


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Aviva's First Concert: Brian Wilson!

Updated: a few mistakes were fixed - sorry to make you look again!

A few days before Thanksgiving, Robin, Alena, and I took Aviva to see Brian Wilson in concert at the Keswick Theater. It wasn't the first time Aviva went to a concert, but it was not only the first night concert, but the first concert where she actually was (very) familiar with the music. I'll restrain myself from writing multiple pages of obsessive praise for Brian Wilson - most people who've come within earshot of me during the last year have heard it already anyway. Suffice to say that our entire household has a very deep love for Brian Wilson, his band, and his music.

Well, Aviva loved it (as we all did)! She sat agape for most of the show, soaking it all in, especially her favorite, "Sloop John B". She is well versed in the entire Pet Sounds album, which was being performed for the third to the last time ever in its entirety that night.

After the show, we waited at the stage door to see who from the band we'd see. We ended up seeing everyone from the band, including Brian, who was surrounded by at least six bodyguards who wouldn't let anyone within about 12 feet of Brian. But we did see some of the members of the band go by. The best, though, was waiting until pretty much the end to see perhaps our favorite band member, Darian Sahanaja. Our love, admiration, and gratitude for Darian is probably best saved for another time as well. In any case, Robin introduced him to Aviva and asked him to sign Aviva's ticket stub, on which he wrote "Aviva, You're the Cutest!!"

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