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Aviva's First Concert: Brian Wilson!

Updated: a few mistakes were fixed - sorry to make you look again! A few days before Thanksgiving, Robin, Alena, and I took Aviva to see Brian Wilson in concert at the Keswick Theater. It wasn't the first time Aviva went to a concert, but it was not o… more »


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11:30AM - No Daddy! Don't let go!! 12:30PM - No Daddy! Don't come so close!

Last Sunday we all went swimming in a full-sized swimming pool (thanks Kaplan-Mayers!). When we first went into the pool, Aviva (understandably) was holding onto me (Max) tightly. I held her in the pool and we moved around, dipping up and down (but nev… more »


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Max and Aviva have been hard at work planting veggies and herbs on our deck (purple and green basil, cherry tomatoes, parsley, chives, jalapenos) and, last weekend, in the beds in our backyard (green and yellow squash, full-size tomatoes, etc.) [See the… more »


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You gonna grow and grow and GROW!!

Last weekend Aviva and I (Max) planted a little herb garden on our deck - four pots with one tomato plant, some parsely, oregano, basil (green and purple!), jalapenos, etc. We'd gone to the garden center and walked around in the rain to find the ones we… more »
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