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11:30AM - No Daddy! Don't let go!! 12:30PM - No Daddy! Don't come so close!

Last Sunday we all went swimming in a full-sized swimming pool (thanks Kaplan-Mayers!). When we first went into the pool, Aviva (understandably) was holding onto me (Max) tightly. I held her in the pool and we moved around, dipping up and down (but never fully underwater, of course). Then we got out and had some lunch.

After lunch, Robin took Jonah home for his nap and Aviva, Alena, and I stayed for another swim. After a little while Aviva asked if she could use June (Kaplan-Mayer)'s baby raft (a floating ring with big straps underneath which create a baby seat, like on a baby swingset). June wasn't using it at that point so Gab said it would be OK. After a few minutes, Aviva was so comfortable that she wanted to move through the pool on her own! We floated all around the pool, and Aviva even leaned forward to kick a bit as well.

Events like these are so short, yet ultimately will last a lifetime for them. Very powerful stuff!


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Max and Aviva have been hard at work planting veggies and herbs on our deck (purple and green basil, cherry tomatoes, parsley, chives, jalapenos) and, last weekend, in the beds in our backyard (green and yellow squash, full-size tomatoes, etc.) [See the blog entry dated 5/22/06 to learn about Aviva's growth-enducing method!]


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A colorful visitor

Turns out it (well, they, actually - there were two) they're called parsleyworms. No surprise - they ate all our parsley!!

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From Generation to Generation...

Uncanny and unstaged. The top photo (Robin and Aviva) was taken in our kitchen a 10 days ago; the bottom photo (Robin and her mother, one of Aviva's namesakes) was taken in Baltimore in November 1993.


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Ol' Blue Eyes...

Max and I dreamed together about many of Aviva's attributes during my pregnancy, extrapolating details from black & white sonogram images.

We were not surprised to see her blue eyes at her birth, since many children are also born with blue eyes. Being brown-eyed, we were both taken aback at Aviva's 9-month checkup, however, when her pediatrician confirmed that Aviva's eyes would likely stay that way.

And while we long ago figured out that the recessive genes came from our fathers' sides of our families, we are still caught by surprise from time to time, particularly in her moments of quiet repose. See for yourself...

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