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You gonna grow and grow and GROW!!

Last weekend Aviva and I (Max) planted a little herb garden on our deck - four pots with one tomato plant, some parsely, oregano, basil (green and purple!), jalapenos, etc. We'd gone to the garden center and walked around in the rain to find the ones we wanted. We also got three azaleas for Robin for mothers' day.

After we planted each pot, without knowing what she'd do (at least the first time), I said something like "OK, Aviva, the plants are in the pot - what shall we say to them?" Each time she leaned over with her nose right up to the plants and said very happily "you gonna grow and grow and GROW! We love you!"

Every day on the way in and/or out we check on the plants to see how they're doing. Robin got her a little "garden fairy" on a metal stick with springy wings the week before that she calls "Thumbelina". She moves it from pot to pot - sometimes daily, sometimes several times while we're checking out the plants. Yesterday Alena helped her buy a daisy to add to the garden.


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Aviva's a kangaroo!

OK, this one put me over the top. Aviva came into the room with her little poodle stuffed animal tucked into the front of her pants. I asked her why and she told me that she's a kangaroo, then hopped away, and continued hopping between the living room, dining room and kitchen for 1/2 hour! I knew right away that part of my revamping of would need to include setting up a blog. And here it is!

Btw, I pre-dated this entry back to the day that it happened. I figure it's better to have the kids' timeline be accurate than the posting timeline.

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